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Ten places to find your old 1 coins


The round £ 1 coin will quickly lose its status as legal tender. In practice, stores can contradict these coins from 16 October.

They have actually been utilized along with the brand-new 12-sided £ 1 coin given that March-a duration called co-circulation.

Now, there is shortly delegated invest, bank, exchange or contribute old pounds coins however, initially, you need to discover them.

The Treasury and Royal Mint price quote that around 500 million round pounds are still out there someplace.

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Rounding them up

Those old, round £ 1 coins may be prowling someplace around your house. Chris Bird, senior speaker in psychology at the University of Sussex, states one method to discover them is to imagine a circumstance when you had a handful of loose modification.

“We can utilize our memory to think of scenarios when we would utilize them and where we would leave them,” he states.

“That is exactly what the memory is for. We utilize our memory to make choices in the now and in the future.”

He states that a relatively current discovery exposes that we utilize the very same part of our brain to keep in mind the past as we do to envision ourselves in a particular scenario.

So the exact same system in the brain’s memory system enables us not just to take a trip back, however likewise to think about today or the future.

The other method to discover those old coins, inning accordance with Mr Bird, is just to examine all the locations that you understand are where you frequently keep modification.

So here is an useful list of 10 locations to look:

1. A wallet or handbag

Sometimes the most apparent is the last location you look. Shops can offer the round £ 1 coins as modification till 16 October, so they might be popped into a wallet or handbag in a rush.

The Royal Mint has actually been motivating stores to bag the round pounds individually so, when they are banked, they are gotten of blood circulation.

2. Down the back of the couch

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The most clichd response to the concern of where to discover loose modification. Truthfully, when was the last time you discovered coins down there? When was the last time you looked?

It is most likely worth signing in the next couple of days, in addition to armchairs, and beds. Even if you do not discover any loan, you might encounter the push-button control for the DVD gamer.

3. Grocery store bag for life

You have actually completed your Friday night huge store and you will bring your groceries to the bus or cars and truck, however initially you secure the grocery store trolley and your £ 1 coin pops out of the system. Into the bag for life it goes. Maybe it is still there? It may be sitting in the back of the cabinet under the stairs if the bag actually is for life.

Most grocery store trolleys have actually now been become accept the brand-new 12-sided £ 1 coin, however there was a hold-up at Tesco when the brand-new coin was released in March.

4. Huge night out bag

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It is just utilized on unique events, so it may be at the back of the closet or holding on a peg behind a couple of coats. The opportunities are that there is still a little bit of money in there, possibly some modification from the taxi or the bar house.

If you head out a lot, you will have discovered the money currently. The last huge night was most likely months back if you have young kids.

5. Winter season coat pocket

While you are still at the back of the closet, why not inspect the pockets of your winter season coats.

It is not likely that they have actually been used because the brand-new 12-sided £ 1 coin went into blood circulation on 28 March, and they may not be used once again prior to 16 October.

The old £ 1 coins can not be invested in the stores after that date, however they can continue to be transferred into an account at many High Street banks and the Post Office for the foreseeable future.

6. The leading drawer

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Any leading drawer around your house appears a natural location to toss some loose modification – even if it has socks in it.

It may likewise be the opportunity to declutter. Is the only factor that the leading drawer is constantly overruning while the bottom is great just since we are too lazy to flex down?

7. Kid’s piggy banks

Children’s monetary practices are formed by the age of 7, inning accordance with the government-backed Money Advice Service. If your kids are incredibly savers, then there might be rather a couple of £ 1 coins in their piggy banks.

Junior cost savings accounts can usually be opened with just £ 1, to keep that cost savings practice going. It might be an opportunity for the children to invest the fruits of their cost savings labours prior to there is a scene in the toy store when the cashier declines an old, adoringly conserved £ 1 coin.

It deserves keeping in mind too that tooth fairies must not utilize old, round £ 1 coins from 16 October.

8. A charity pot

Image copyright HM Treasury

Many houses will have a charity pot of some kind, varying from those huge glass bottles to a cardboard shoe box.

The UK Treasury and the Royal Mint have actually signed up with forces with the BBC’s Children in Need attract ask anybody who discovers some old £ 1 coins to contribute them to the charity.

“We are motivating everybody who can, to assure their round pounds to Pudsey,” states Andrew Jones, exchequer secretary to the Treasury.

9. Cars and truck glove compartment

There are most likely a lot more coins in lorry glove compartments than gloves.

A current study by the AA car organisation recommended motorists have actually been preventing parking areas that need payment by phone as money stayed a more popular method to pay.

Many motorists keep coins in the glove compartment for parking fares, and because bit well by the equipment stick that is developed to hold cups.

10. Health club kitbag

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Attendance at the health club or sports centre might have subsided a little considering that the membership was purchased with great intents in the brand-new year.

The fitness center bag might in fact have actually been unopened throughout the summer season. Where case, the £ 1 coins for the locker might be old round ones, instead of brand-new 12-sided ones. Dig them out, pop them in the bank, and conserve them all set for January’s membership renewal, when the great objectives begin all over once again.

The brand-new £ 1 coin: Vital stats

Image copyright PA

Thickness: 2.8 mm – thinner than old coin

Weight: 8.75 g – lighter than old coin

Diameter: 23.4 mm – bigger than old coin

Number to go into blood circulation: 1.5 billion – about 23 per individual. Old £ 1 coins will be melted down to make brand-new ones

Outer ring: gold-coloured, made from nickel-brass

Inner ring: silver-coloured, made from nickel-plated alloy

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