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Point and Click Your Financial Plan


Point and Click Your Financial Plan

You’ve organized the contents of that bulging shoebox and tracked down the stray receipts lurking in jacket pockets. Now you’re ready to point and click your way to what you hope will be a generous tax refund.

But while your records are still organized and your computer’s still on, why not look beyond that refund to your financial future?

Using do-it-yourself online financial tools, planning ahead is easier and more convenient than you may think.

“The purpose of creating a financial plan is to define what you hope to achieve in terms of financial success,” says Peter J. Rossi, director of financial planning for NetBank. “If you take the time to write down what you want to achieve, you’re much more likely to achieve it.”

For NetBank customers, it’s as easy as clicking on your mouse.

The bank’s online interactive planning tools include an Express Planner that provides an overview of the customer’s current finances; plans for specific goals, like retirement, education and insurance; and a Comprehensive Planner that integrates all the others for setting multiple goals.

In addition, the bank offers access to brokerage services and other investment and insurance products.

Dedicated financial advisers are available to help analyze the plan, answer any questions and help put the plan into action.

Financial planning isn’t just for people with excess wealth. Financial planners recommend that everyone have a plan in place for their financial future.

The experts at NetBank recommend taking control of spending by tracking expenses over two to three months. After you get a clear idea of your expenses, develop a plan to spend less and save more.

For instance, you could consolidate your high-interest debt by refinancing your home or getting a home equity credit line.

They also suggest reviewing the asset allocation in your investment portfolio to confirm that it’s in alignment with your goals. And make sure your insurance coverage is enough for your financial position.

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