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Norse code: whats the secret of the Norwegians Winter Olympics success?


Hailing from a country of just 5.2 million individuals, Norways team is surpassing groups from much larger nations and, no, its not even if they have a lot snow

E leven days into the competitors, Norway sit top of the medal table , out-performing much bigger countries such as Canada, Germany and the United States. How have they pulled it off? Here are a few of the components that have actually entered into their effective efficiency.

Long, long winter seasons and great deals of snow

From the middle of November up until completion of January, the northern most parts of Norway do not see any sun. Much of the winter season likewise brings sub-zero temperature levels and snowfall– however that’s inadequate to describe winter season sport expertise by itself.

A country born with skis on

“In Norway we are born with skis on our feet” is a folk stating with a ring of reality to it. Far from city centres, even a journey down the roadway to the stores may include a little bit of cross-country snowboarding.

High GDP

There are just 5.2 million Norwegians, however exactly what Norway does not have in population it offsets in per capita GDP . Regularly noted as one of the most affluent countries on earth– along with small countries such as Qatar, Brunei and Singapore– Norway has actually purchased the training and the facilities centers to support its Olympic aspiration.

Brooding Nordic self-questioning

Norway withstood a horrible 2006 Winter Olympics in Torino , protecting just 2 golds. Even worse than that, they fell back Sweden in the medal table, a minute of nationwide embarassment. This caused an extreme duration of reflection, with a few of the Norwegian press decreased to declaring “partially Norwegian” medals for foreign rivals with Norwegian origins. As a country, Norway swore: never ever once again.

A lovely group experience

“We think there is no excellent description or validation for why you need to be a jerk to be an excellent professional athlete,” Norwegian silver-medal-winner Kjetil Jansrud stated today . The Norwegian snowboarding group invests about 250 days of the year together, takes pleasure in taco night together every Friday, and has actually been sweeping all prior to them at the Games. The focus on team effort and a star-free group culture has actually paid dividends.

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