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How long could my summer holiday flight be delayed? – BBC News


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How various airline companies serving your path compare Average hold-up for each flight, purchased by overall hold-up

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Air guests leaving Gatwick have actually suffered the longest typical hold-ups throughout summertime trips from significant UK airports, BBC analysis exposes.

Those taking a trip to and from the UK on EasyJet flights have actually waited the longest amongst the 10 busiest airline companies.

Figures gathered by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) throughout the last 2 summer seasons expose the common hold-ups.

Flyers utilizing EasyJet had a typical hold-up of 24 minutes, and those leaving from Gatwick waited 27 minutes.

Both stated they appeared at the top of the hold-up list partially as an outcome of having amongst the most flights to and from Europe, and lots of hold-ups were beyond their control.


The analysis, by the BBC’s information journalism group, is based upon the last 2 years of CAA information for all flights from or to UK airports throughout June to August.

Flight calculator: At the top of the page you can enter your UK departure city, and your location, to discover typical hold-ups for the airline companies serving this path in the last 2 summertimes.

EasyJet has the longest typical hold-up at 24 minutes when taking all summertime flights into factor to consider, whether postponed or not, for the busiest airline companies in June to August for the last 2 years. Aer Lingus hold-ups were half that length, at 12 minutes.

This chart reveals the typical hold-up per journey for the 10 airline companies with the best variety of flights from or to the UK over the last 2 summer seasons.

Past efficiency will not always be duplicated throughout this and future summertimes.

An EasyJet spokesperson stated: “EasyJet runs the biggest variety of flights of any UK airline company, flying over 78 million guests each year. In 2017, EasyJet will run 33% more flights than in 2011, with less than 0.8% postponed by more than 3 hours.

“In truth, in spite of a variety of negative external aspects like significantly overloaded airspace, especially in the London location, and record varieties of air traffic control service strikes, over the in 2015, EasyJet has in fact lowered the percentage of flights postponed by more than 3 hours.

“We strive to reduce interruption and completely adhere to all pertinent guidelines.”


While Gatwick had the longest typical hold-up per outgoing flight, the information exposes that tourists were less most likely to experience departure hold-ups at smaller sized UK airports.

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A representative for Gatwick Airport stated it had more flights to Europe than other UK airport, and was affected disproportionately by occasions on the continent. He stated the airport was contacting UK and European authorities to speed up strategies to increase the performance of UK and European airspace.

"We acknowledge the trouble that postpones cause to our travelers, and we will continue to do whatever possible to avoid them from taking place," he stated.

"We run the world's busiest and most effective single runway airport, however, over current years, Gatwick has actually been disproportionately impacted by problems beyond our control.

"These consist of duplicated strike action by French, Greek, Italian and spanish air traffic controllers and airport workers, extended bad weather condition, and greatly busy airspace above parts of Europe and London.

"Gatwick has actually made it a concern to resolve punctuality and, in collaboration with our airline companies and ground handlers, we are currently seeing the advantages of a brand-new vast array of procedures that have actually been executed to enhance punctuality."

Travellers flying from the EU or on European airline companies do have a right to payment. This implies:

  • If your flight left the European Union or was with a European airline company, you may have rights under EU law to declare if the hold-up or cancellation was within the airline company's control
  • If your flight's postponed for 2 or more hours the airline company should provide food and beverage, access to telephone call and e-mails, and lodging if you're postponed over night - consisting of transfers in between the hotel and the airport
  • If you get here more than 3 hours late in a journey of less than 1,500 km (932 miles) you are entitled to 250 euros (225) in payment from the airline company
  • If you get here more than 3 hours late in a journey covering more than 1,500 km, however within the EU, you can get 400 euros in settlement from the provider
  • Journeys to non-EU locations more than 3,000 km away that get here in between 3 and 4 hours late put you in line for 300 euros in airline company payments, while hold-ups longer than 4 hours to these locations are due 600 euros in settlement

Alex Neill, from the customer organisation, Which?, stated airline companies ought to provide settlement, instead of await consumers to come to them: "If you're unfortunate adequate to experience a serious hold-up, payment might be offered and individuals need to declare exactly what they're entitled to.

"We wish to see airline companies present automated payment where possible so that guests can rapidly and merely get the cash they are owed."

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Media caption Flight hold-up settlement: When can you declare?


All information utilized on this page is assembled and provided by the Civil Aviation Authority , which releases aggregated data on punctuality for all flights removing or landing at significant UK airports.

The BBC has actually integrated the CAA's information for June, July and August of 2015 and 2016 and utilized this to compute the average (i.e. mean) hold-up per flight throughout these months for all paths noted in the information.

Routes with less than 50 flights over this duration were left out, as were airline companies that signed up no flight information for the summertime of 2016 (even if they had actually been active in 2015). Chartered flights were not identified from set up flights in the estimations for airline companies that fly both classifications on the exact same path.

The information for outgoing hold-ups is based upon the time the aeroplane removes from the UK runway, and the information for return hold-ups is based upon the time the aeroplane shows up back on the UK runway.

Flights that remove or land early are taped as having a hold-up of no minutes.

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