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Seven How To Save Money On Groceries Tips


Seven How To Save Money On Groceries Tips

Buying groceries is one of those things that can seem like a never ending job and can easily get out of control if you don’t have a firm grasp on your spending habits. While the demand and need for food in your house is constant, rarely are your shopping lists and the prices you find at the store consistent. Tastes change from month to month and the prices at stores are changing all the time. It can be hard to know just how much you are going to have to spend from week to week or month to month. Before you know it, the amount of money you have spent on groceries has left your bank account nearly empty. Learning how to save money on groceries is something that takes a little discipline, some flexibility, and some compromise.

1- Ask butchers at the grocery stores you frequent when they discount meat. Usually once per week they will reduce the prices on meats that will have to be pulled the following day. Just make sure you either use the meat that day or put it in the freezer as soon as you get home.

2- Don’t be afraid to use discount groceries. The brands you see might not be familiar to you, but they are not much of a drop off in quality than the brands that you are accustomed to if there is any drop off at all. The price difference and the savings can be significant. The key to this is to buy what is on sale if you think you can or will use it.

3- Look for scratch and dent items or products that have been discontinued and marked for clearance. There is nothing wrong with these items and can save you quite a bit of money when you run into them.

4- Frequent day old bread stores to find the breads and baked goods you like. What you can’t use quickly, put in the freezer.

5- Don’t be a slave to your menu. It is good to have an idea what you want when you go in, but if you see items that are on sale that you know your house likes then take advantage of it. Base your menu on what you are able to find.

6- Don’t be a slave to your budget. Allow yourself some wiggle room. If you find some deals on items you use a lot that are hard to pass up, don’t. More than likely money that you go over on items will mean less that you have to spend the following month.

7- Buy in bulk. Take advantage of big box stores and buy a lot of the things that you use a lot of. The price per unit will normally be quite a bit lower.

The key in learning how to save money on groceries is to think outside your box. Some of these things may require you to go shopping at times that you aren’t accustomed to and to purchase things that you otherwise wouldn’t, but the result will be something that you will want to see every month.

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