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National Australia Bank


National Australia Bank

The National Australia Bank (NAB) is the largest bank in Australia and the twenty-eighth largest all over the globe. It is a global financial services group that offers a complete and integrated variety of financial services and products. The center business of the bank group is structured around three units of businesses by region, namely Australia, New Zealand, and UK/Europe.

The National Bank of Australia offers extensive range of financial services including personal banking, business banking, corporate banking, agribusiness, wealth management, transactional solutions, custody services, asset finance and leasing, and financial planning, which meets the financial needs of clients in Australia.

The key focus of the National Australia Bank is concentrated on giving financial solutions, and continually searches to assess their processes and systems, and put into practice enhancements in customer service for simpler and more expedient way of doing business.

Some of the personal services that the National Bank of Australia offer include planning tools, home loans, personal loans, credit cards, transactions and savings accounts, financial planning, investments, portfolio facility, and insurance.

Planning Tools
The National Australia Bank has created a number of approaches and tools that can assist clients make the right decision when planning about important events in their life such as retirement, children’s university studies, a new home or car, and even that much deserved vacation, all of which involves financial considerations.

Home Loans
The bank offers different alternative that will suit the needs of clients, including splitting the loans between one or more products to get the right balance of flexibility and assurance.

Personal Loans
A range of options to suit that personal need such as merging your debts, a new boat or car, or getting something special for the home, this service of the National Australia Bank will help realize it.

Credit Cards
The bank offers a wide array of cards such as the essential Visa Card with low rate, Gold Card, Velocity Visa reward cards, Velocity Gold American Express reward cards, and NAB’s Visa mini.

Business services and products of the National Australia Bank include agribusiness, corporate, planning tools, loans and leasing, transaction solutions, investments, e-Business, insurance, superannuation, cards for businesses, and more.

The National Australia Bank through the years has successfully served their customers with their specialist teams who have worked closely to better recognize client’s needs, providing the right solutions, even for those with the most complex financial necessities.

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