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How To Save Money On Gas And Start A Home Business You’re Dreaming Of


How To Save Money On Gas And Start A Home Business You’re Dreaming Of

The world is full of people who have a dream of starting a home business but how many ever get started? For many their dream ends up in smoke because they never dare to take the first step forward and venture out. The main excuse being the lack of funds. Unlike a brick and mortar business it does not cost much to start a home business, especially an affiliate marketing business.

If funds is the problem and if you are not inclined to go in for a loan either, the best option if you have a car and most people do, is to save money on Gas bills and start a home business on a part-time basis. A pleasant surprise awaits you when you realise that the amount of money you save monthly is quite ample for your home business to get started. With the soaring price of Gas, this is a great option to take for more reasons than one.

Here are some simple tips that I have followed over the years that have helped me save money on my Gas bills and divert it to my home business especially during the early stages when extra money was hard to come by.

1. Plan Your Daily Travel:

It is very important that you plan your travel daily. Do not make unnecessary trips but combine several trips into one whenever possible. Avoid major roads with heavy traffic since idle running of the car in traffic jams means waste of fuel.

2. Drive Smoothly:

You should accelerate smoothly and also change the gear early without causing the engine to labor. For Automatics you should select “overdrive” or “economy”.

Driving at 100 km/h instead of 110 km/h on highways can reduce your fuel bill by around 12%.

3. Load in the car:

Do not load your car unnecessarily with all sorts of stuff in the Boot. Some people have a habit of making the Boot their stores. This means more drag and more consumption of fuel.

4. Servicing of car:

Get the wheels aligned and the engine tuned regularly. Similarly the Spark Plugs and the Oil Filter have to be checked.

Keeping the tires at the right pressure as instructed will also bring in a significant saving in your Gas bill.

5. Air Conditioning:

Air Conditioning should be used only when it is really necessary because it consumes a lot of fuel, about 10% or more. The rear window demist too should be switched off when it is not necessary. If you want to save money on Gas this is a critical area.

6. Reduce Idle Time:

It is always wise to switch off the engine if you car is going to idle for a long time, provided it is safe to do so. If the car is automatic you should put it on to Automatic.

7. Gas for the Car:

Most cars run on low grade (octane) of gasoline. Check the car owner’s manual and buy the appropriate grade of gasoline for your car. There is no need to buy a higher grade of gasoline. You will thus be saving a few hundred dollars each year on Gas alone.


A little bit of extra money is what you need to start your home business and that little bit is often hard to come by for most people. A little bit of sacrifice and self motivation on your part to save money on Gas is the best option you can take to start a home business. Many have taken this most important step to fulfill their dream. So can you.

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