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How To Save Money And Get Discount Homeowner’s Insurance In Oregon


How To Save Money And Get Discount Homeowner’s Insurance In Oregon

In many parts of Oregon, burglary and home break-ins are on the rise – up more than 17% in just the past two years in Salem, Oregon, alone. If you’re among the thousands of Oregon families looking for ways to save money and get discount homeowners insurance, making your home more burglar-proof is one way of doing so.

One of the things you can do to make your home less attractive to a would-be burglar is to keep grass and bushes cut low; you do not want to provide protected hiding places around doors and windows that prevent a burglar from being seen from the street.

Motion-sensitive lights are another wise investment; burglars prefer darkness.

Purchasing a safe that can be bolted to your floor – and always making sure to keep jewelry, cash and checkbooks locked inside whenever you are away – is an excellent way to keep losses down and help prevent identity theft in the event a burglar does make it inside your home.

If you haven’t already installed fire detectors do so immediately. A detector should be installed on at least every floor and in every distinct section of the home.

And always lock doors and windows whenever you leave your home, even if it is only to go to the corner store. A professional burglar can be in and out of your home in less time than you think.

Most of the things which have just been described will actually save you money year after year in lower homeowner insurance premiums – plus they will keep you and your family safer and more secure.

The final thing that can help save money on your homeowners insurance is to adjust the deductible on your policy to the highest level you feel comfortable with. Remember, all other things being equal, the higher the deductible your place on your policy, the lower your monthly payments will be and the more money you will save.

The final word of advice is: compare. Get on the internet and compare the cost of policies between one company and another. Insurance costs, like almost everything else, are rising fast and it is up to each citizen in Oregon to do their own part in keeping costs down and keeping us all just a little safer.

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