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How To Save Money And Get Discount Homeowner’s Insurance In Missouri


How To Save Money And Get Discount Homeowner’s Insurance In Missouri

If your home is financed by a bank or other financial institution then you will have to carry homeowner’s insurance. However, you do not have to carry the homeowner’s policy that your bank or financial institution probably made you think you had to carry. You have a choice and can switch your policy to practically any insurance company of your choice – and you may save a bundle by doing so.

But regardless of which insurance company you have there are a few things you can do which should save you money – sometimes several hundred dollars each and every year – on your insurance premiums.

First, make sure your policy covers the full replacement cost of your home, but do not make the mistake of insuring for the value of the land underneath your home. The land won’t be damaged by fire or other disaster – just your home and possessions will.

The higher of a deductible you can afford to pay, the lower your monthly premiums will be. This means that you may have to pay for most small repairs to your home yourself, but in case of a large loss you won’t be financially wiped out trying to rebuild.

Make sure every door has a working deadbolt and every window has a working lock. Make sure you have an adequate number of smoke and fire detectors and that they are all working. Keep weeds and brush and trash cleared away from your home. Doing each of these things makes your home less vulnerable to fire and can often save 5% or more on your homeowner’s policy.

Keep you credit record spotless. Many people are not aware that most homeowner’s insurance companies based part of your monthly premium on the quality of your credit record.

If you are 55 or older, check to see if your company has a senior discount on homeowner’s insurance; many do. If you have had your homeowner’s policy with the same company for at least 3 years check to see if the company offers a long-time policyholder’s discount – sometimes such discounts can save you 5% or more on your monthly premiums.

Then get online and compare policies and prices at three or more websites that offer comparisons of homeowner’s insurance policies. Remember, you really need to make the comparisons at more than one website if you truly want to save the most money and get discount homeowner’s insurance here in Missouri.

Making the comparisons can take a lot of time and patience – but just think how much money you will be saving once it’s done.

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