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Easy Ways To Save Money & Abundance Revisited


Easy Ways To Save Money & Abundance Revisited

A penny saved is a penny earned so they say. Today most people want to save all the pennies they can, in fact if you look after the pennies the “pounds” will look after themselves.
Now I’m not saying you should be a cheapskate but if you go around wasting money you won’t be able to say you are “Pennywise”
Now a good example of how to save money is this. You might be down at the mall or Ice Skating and you find yourself getting hungry.
You could immediately go to a local fried chicken or hamburger franchise. There you will find amyriad of ways to “Waste your money”… Yes thats right!!
Now when a detective arrives on a crime scene one of the first questions he should ask himself is this “Who stands to gain financially from this crime?”
See what I mean? You spend your good money so someone can poison you with overdoses of sugar, chemicals, transfats etc etc.
A better idea is this. Cut some fresh fruit into small easy to bite pieces, put it into a plastic bag and take it with you when you go out. You might be in a barbershop or haberdashery for example when hunger pangs stike. No problem, two peices of melon are quickly taken from the pocket, delicious.
Don’t worry if you feel this is contrary to todays “norm”. It is. But if you want to start a trend… THIS IS the way to do it. Maybe yo can discover another way to eat a banana or something and get the method named after you. I’m not kidding. Ask the EARL of SANDWICH if you think I’m kidding.
Good Luck

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