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Car Car Truck Recreational Vehicle Loan Payment Calculator FREE


Auto Car Truck RV Loan Payment Calculator FREE

  • Accurately calculates a monthly car loan payment based on all relevant factors for a motor vehicle loan.
  • Provides the user with a choice of either buying from a dealer or buying from an individual (simplified form).
  • Afordability calculation helps the user to calculate an affordable car price based on the monthly loan payment they can afford.
  • Displays simple instructions written at the bottom of each calculation screen.
  • Displays helpful pop-up messages if when the user touches the label of a field (i.e., the text to the left of the blue boxes) AND displays helpful pop-up messages when the users enters data that is not allowed (e.g., attempts to finance less than $5000 which most banks will not allow) or fails to enter required data and presses the Calculate button.
  • User can shoose whether to include or exclude the trade-in value from the sales tax.
  • User can choose whether to finance the sales tax (i.e., include or exclude from the loan).
  • App makes a cha-ching cash register sound whe the user presses the calculate button. User can change the volume.
  • App can be moved to the SD card.
  • Screen does not timeout when the user is on one of the three calculation screens.

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